Pontoon on stilts

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Pontoon on stilts

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  • Year of release: 2010
  • Length: 14 м
  • Width: 11,2 м
  • Hull height: 1,9 м
  • Estimated draft in full load: 1,22 м
  • Displacement: 190,9 т
  • Pontoon crew: 3 people

Purpose of the vessel: The vessel is designed to transport equipment weighing up to 60 tons or to install an excavator on it for the development of underwater trenches, cuts, or cleaning of reservoirs. When installed on a ship, the crane can perform lifting operations

The pontoon is collapsible. It consists of four module pontoons (two central and two side ones) and can easily be delivered disassembled to the assembly site by any vehicle. Lock type of connection of pontoons with each other.

A single-tier removable wheelhouse and engine rooms are installed in the aft part of the pontoon deck.

Characteristics of the pontoon:

  • Length – 14 m
  • Width – 11.2 m
  • Hull height – 1.9 m
  • Estimated draft in full load – 1.22 m
  • Displacement – 190.9 tons
  • Pontoon crew – 3 people
  • Year of release – 2010
  • Operating time 1800 hours
  • On conservation since 2015

The vessel is made to the class of the Russian River Register + O 2.0 (ice 20) and is able to function in shallow-beaten ice. The vessel meets all the requirements of norms and rules on labour protection, fire safety, stability, unsinkability, maintainability, and others

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